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Indigenous Trailblazers - Salesforce Community

I was around 19 years old when I first started to enter the world of Tech. Like many, I never thought that this would be the field I find myself in; to be quite honest, I didn’t see myself in any field. With all my self-doubts, I took the chance and it was then, I entered into the Salesforce Ecosystem.

Immediately, I was shy and felt intimidated because I lacked the knowledge and skill that everyone was proud to have; being intelligent in tech and professionalism. Here I was, a semi-goth and cultural looking 19 year old among well dressed, ‘proper,’ presenting individuals who were my ‘elders.’

(Elders in indigenous community just means anyone older than you, not actual elderly.)

Over time, I carefully observed the communities within Salesforce to try and find my 'fitting group.’ There had to be other natives in tech who were also searching for the same group I was aiming for; one that accepted us in our cultural ways and understood that we can be professional at the same time.

Through my search, I was privileged enough to see the other groups that had found themselves; BIPOC Community Groups, Black Community Groups, Asian Community Groups, LATINX Community Groups, Mental Health Community Groups and more! But still, I became even more lost in my hunt for indigenous/native representation in Salesforce. I had many people along the way who encouraged my search with thoughtful advice and introduced me to newer connections, but I was still struggling to find other natives in Salesforce.

I felt hopeless when I couldn’t even find one other native person in Salesforce. You could be in a room full of amazing people full of inspiration but nothing is more inspiring than being with others who have faced the same barriers you have and can understand the cultural aspects of it as well. I realized that if I was facing this blocker in finding other natives to connect with in Salesforce, I can only imagine that if, there were other natives, they too were facing this extreme struggle.

This inspired my idea in connecting natives/indigenous together as a community in the Salesforce Ecosystem!

Introducing Indigenous Trailblazers - Welcoming Native and Indigenous members into a safe space designed for us to share our stories, improve and bring representation into the Salesforce Ecosystem, share opportunities and lend support to one another as we navigate through tech.

I made sure that when I started this group, the gatekeeping methods that are used within our own communities like blood quantum and status cards, were not measuring tools in who is approved as a member. This group was meant for all natives; rez raised or not, connected to their culture or not, ones looking to reconnect and make their voices heard. We are here and exist in the tech world.

If you are native/indigenous and want to connect yourself with this group, you can request to join it here

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